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Installation Services

Blazing Technologies Inc. provides installation services at its New Morgan, PA facility.

Installation for the following:

  • BTI OSL luggage rack mount signs
  • BTI OSL Backrack mounted signs
  • BACKRACK products
  • Lightbars, strobes, LED bars, etc.
  • Pilot Car decals
  • Magnetic signs
  • Custom company name decals

Contact Blazing Technologies Inc. to set up an appointment to have your automobile outfitted with the latest Pilot Car accoutrements.

Installation services are billed on an hourly basis and are based upon the scope of the job.  A reasonable estimate can be attained by contacting Blazing Technologies Inc. and providing the necessary information.  Some of the pertinent information includes but may not be limited to:

  • Make, Model and Year of Vehicle
  • Type or Part number of BTI OSL Sign to be installed
  • Part number of BACKRACK products to be installed
  • Type of luggage rack to be installed
  • Make and Model of Light bar to be installed
  • Scope of Light bar installation (wiring, etc.)
  • Type of Decal Kit

Some installations can be performed in just and hour or two, while other more complicated installations may require that you leave your vehicle with BTI overnight.

Most BTI OSL Signs are in stock, but BACKRACK and Lightbar products usually have to be ordered because they are vehicle specific.  Decal Kits are usually customized to the vehicle also, and may have to be designed prior to ordering.  Please call to order your installation products and schedule your appointment.  A security deposit may be required.