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We asked some of our customers to send us pictures and write to us about our signs.  I have included some of those comments below.

Some recent letters/comments:

  • Congratulations on an amazing product!  After a lot of searching, I'm so pleased to have found your company.  I believe your oversize load signs are by far the best on the market.  With your design, I hardly know the sign is there.  There is no noise whether in use or laying flat.  To top it off, since replacing my old sign, I am saving fuel as well.  With gas prices the way they have been, we are all looking for ways to improve fuel mileage.  Keep up the great work!
    Kathy Phalen, Phalen Escort
  • Took a solid hit from a fist sized piece of asphalt at 65 mph this morning and didn´t even phase it- that´s important to me.
    Daniel Catlin

  • Wanted to thank you, I ordered a set of flag holders and there are great. Better than I expected. Thank you!
    Rosie/Wildangel Transport-Altoona, Pa

  • GREEN HORNET PILOT CARS Inc. has been using one of your top mounted mesh oversize signs on our Chevrolet Colorado for 10 months. After 50,000 miles of heavy duty use, I am happy to report that the sign looks and performs as good as the day we installed it. Wind loading has been greatly reduced and fuel consumption averages 12% better using the mesh sign as opposed to the standard solid sign we previously used. Take-down and set-up is a breeze. Our Chevrolet Colorado with the Blazing Tech sign is pictured on our website at and we wholeheartedly recommend your products to all of our friends in the Pilot Car business.
    Sincerely, David Oliver / Columbus, NM 88029

  • We started looking for oversize load signs after we formed Travelers Pilot Cars. They were found on Google and I'm glad we found them. They have the best products on the market and the level of professionalism is unprecedented. They are able to fabricate anything necessary to get the job done, just look at their photo gallery, it will show what they are capable of doing. When we were there we were treated like family and I would encourage anyone that needed products like this to do business with them. It's well worth the money and you won't be disappointed.
    Michael Evans
    Claire Hollis
    Travelers Pilot Cars, LLC